Schedule of Conditions laid down for Hirers of Burrington Parish Hall


Burrington Parish Hall is vested in the Official Trustee of Charity Land and is controlled by a Management Committee appointed annually and consisting of 11 members appointed by Parish Organisations, 7 members appointed at the Annual General Meeting and 2 co-opted by the Committee.

Rules governing the use of the Hall

0)"Local" hire is defined as when the profit/benefit is for a parish organisation or individual. If a local person books the hall on behalf of a non-parish organisation it is still treated as an outside let.

1)Application for the hire of some or all of the premises shall be made to the Booking Secretary. Applications will only be accepted from person’s aged 18 or over.

2)Bookings for outside lets will only be confirmed once the deposit is received.

3)The charge for hire of the premises, in accordance with the current scale, shall be paid to the booking secretary - an official receipt will be issued for all such charges.

        A deposit at the current rates will be paid in advance. This will confirm the booking.

          Full payment will be due 1 month prior to the date of the event. 

4) Cancellation: If cancelled before date when the final balance is due, then the deposit will be refunded. If cancelled after final payment, any refunds are at the discretion of the officers of the hall.

5)Any damage or loss will be charged to the hirer. 

6) Registered door stewards must be used in accordance with the current legislation.

7)Regular lettings are subject to separate individual negotiations regarding letting charges.

8)The Committee reserves the right to refuse any application for hire of the premises 

9)The Committee reserve the right for a member of the Committee or any appointed representative to be present at any function for which the premises are hired.

10)No intoxicating liquors are permitted to be bought or sold in any part of the premises without booking the bar area and obtaining the necessary licence. No alcohol to be taken outside the premises.

11)Bar closure 

Monday to Fridaysunday

ONE HOUR before the scheduled end of the function


HALF AN HOUR before the scheduled end of the function.

12)Public dancing and music or other similar public entertainment is only permitted on the following days and during the hours specified.

Monday to Friday, Saturday

10:00 a.m.  -  02:00 a.m.


10:00 a.m.  -  10.30 p.m.

13)Performing Rights Surcharge, where music is used, will be added to normal charges, as per charge made by the Society.

14)Person(s) hiring any part of the Parish Hall will be responsible for complying with the conditions of the Music and Dancing Licence as exhibited in the Hall - in particular:

         a) The use of the premises hereby licensed shall not be or become a nuisance to nearby residents or passers-by. Control of the volume of any sound system used shall be the responsibility of the Responsible Person.

15)The hall is available for hire for public discos subject to payment of the appropriate deposit.

16)No more than 200 persons to be on the premises at any one time. Maximum seating capacity of the hall is 130

17)The setting up and clearing away of equipment is the responsibility of the hirer, leaving rooms in a clean and tidy conditionPlease use trolleys for moving chairs.

18)No nails, screws or fixtures to be put into walls or surfaces of the hall.

19)Dogs shall not be allowed on the premises other than Guide Dogs.

20)The Committee will not be held liable for any loss of cash or articles at a function.

21) Recycle waste where possible – recycle bin and black bags are provided. Please take rubbish away with you.

22)Cars must not be parked so as to cause an obstruction at the entrance to the premises. They should be parked in the car park provided. Cars and contents are parked at the owners' risk.

23)The Fire Officer's recommendations, if any, shall be strictly observed.

24)Any authorised officer of the Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue in uniform may enter the licensed premises at any reasonable time for the purposes of ascertaining whether or not the fire precautions are adequate and are being satisfactorily maintained. 

25)Fire appliances must be kept in their proper place and not tampered with. Any misuse must be reported to the Caretaker immediately. Any unlawful discharge of an extinguisher will be charged to the hirer.

June 2019- amended 

Regarding Safe Escape in the event of a Fire
 should acquaint themselves with all exits (normal & emergency) and these must be kept clear (internal & external) at all times such as not to impede emergency evacuation. All fire doors are marked and must not be wedged open. All exits must remain unobstructed.
Hirers are responsible for their own fire drills and ensuring their hirers are familiar with emergency 

evacuation procedures.

  • In the event of an outbreak of fire however slight, the building must be evacuated immediately – fire extinguishers are provided at all exits to assist in clearing a path for emergency exit only.   Wherever feasible and safe to do so, doors and windows should be closed to reduce the spread of the fire. The Fire Service should then be called on 999. 
  • The map reference of the Hall is on the main notice board SS 638 168
  • Postcode: EX37 9LA
    Assemble in the playing field opposite. 
  • The alarm sounds as a long continuous siren. 


A copy of our Full policies is available on the website or from the bookings secretary.