Burrington Parish Council

The Parish Council meetings are open to the public to attend and observe. Before each meeting, any members of the public may speak in an open session. Minutes from Parish Council meetings are displayed on the Parish Council Noticeboard as soon as possible after a meeting. They are not at this stage agreed and signed. Notices of meetings are displayed in the shop and a detailed agenda is placed on the Noticeboard a few days prior to each meeting.


Under the Freedom of Information Act it is obligatory for the Parish Council to make certain documents available to the public. These include the agenda for the forthcoming meeting, audited accounts, the equal opportunity policy, parish plan, and any circulars or newsletters. These are available on application to the clerk at a cost of £1.00 each.

Burrington Parish Council

List of Councillors


MR JOHN SHORT         Representative on the Bethesda Graveyard Trust

Chairman                       jandjdevon@hotmail.com

MR K PINCOMBE         kevin.clayre@yahoo.co.uk

Vice Chairman               

MR P BAILEY               Representative on the Parish Hall Committee


MRS G BENSON                    gillian.benson52@btinternet.com

MR A BONNER                      bonnerley@gmail.com                               

MR P KEELEY                       peterkeeley@btinternet.com

MRS J PATEMAN-JONES      Representative on the Parish Hall Committee


MR P SMALE                         bartonfarm@yahoo.com

MR J WOOLRIDGE                james619w@hotmail.com                                   


CLERK: MRS ANGELA SNELL                          

Email: randasnell@hotmail.co.uk



COUNTY COUNCILLOR: MR R EDGELL                                   


All meetings are held in Burrington Parish Hall unless otherwise stated on the Notice of Agenda; with at least 3 days notice given. All meetings start at 7.30pm except the Annual Parish Meeting which starts at 7pm. and any others that are stated. All meetings are held on the last Tuesday of the month except when specifically stated on the Notice of Agenda.


Every meeting has a Time for Public Participation.


The Annual Parish Meeting is advertised to all parishioners, 7 days notice must be given. The meeting must be held between the 1st March and the 1st June. The local government electors for the Parish are entitled to attend, speak and vote. The meeting may discus any matter of relevance to the Parish.


The Annual Parish Council Meeting must be held in May, or in an ordinary election year, between the fourth and the eighteenth day after the election, this will usually be in May as elections are normally the first Thursday in May. 


No meeting unless specifically required is held in December.         



The public facilities offered to the Parish by the Parish Council are:

  • the Village Green and play equipment, the Sport Area and bus shelter;
  • the three seats at Red Post, Bircham Hill and Forches Cross along with the Beacon and Millennium Table at Forches Cross;
  • the Millennium Copse situated between Forches Cross and Red Post, acquired in 2000;
  • three water pumps and flower tubs sited at Town Bridge, Barton Road and the Causeway;
  • four dog bins sited at Balls Corner, opposite the Parish Hall, Barton Road and Town Bridge;
  • a defibrillator, located in Burrington village; 
  • a projector and screen (available to borrow, booking through the hall).

In the transparency code we are expected to publish the following information relating to public land and building assets:


  1. description (what it is including size/ acreage)
  2. location address or description of location
  3. owner, e.g. authority or board manages the land or assets on behalf of a local charity
  4. date of acquisition if known
  5. cost of acquisition or proxy value
  6. present use