Audit certificate of exemption2018.pdf

List of Councillors


MR JOHN SHORT         Representative on the Bethesda Graveyard Trust



Vice Chairman               

MR P BAILEY               Representative on the Parish Hall Committee

MRS G BENSON          

MR A BONNER                                           

MR P KEELEY             

MRS J PATEMAN-JONES      Representative on the Parish Hall Committee                

MR P SMALE               

MR J WOOLRIDGE                                         


CLERK: MRS ANGELA SNELL                          




COUNTY COUNCILLOR: MR R EDGELL                                   


All meetings are held in Burrington Parish Hall unless otherwise stated on the Notice of Agenda; with at least 3 days notice given. All meetings start at 7.30pm except the Annual Parish Meeting which starts at 7pm. and any others that are stated. All meetings are held on the last Tuesday of the month except when specifically stated on the Notice of Agenda.


Every meeting has a Time for Public Participation.


The Annual Parish Meeting is advertised to all parishioners, 7 days notice must be given. The meeting must be held between the 1st March and the 1st June. The local government electors for the Parish are entitled to attend, speak and vote. The meeting may discus any matter of relevance to the Parish.


The Annual Parish Council Meeting must be held in May, or in an ordinary election year, between the fourth and the eighteenth day after the election, this will usually be in May as elections are normally the first Thursday in May. 


No meeting unless specifically required is held in December.