Minutes of the meeting of the Burrington Parish Hall and Recreation Area meeting held on 26 November 2018, at 7.00 pm in the Hall Committee Room


1.    Present -         Graham Short (Chair)                      Hazel Pearce

Steve Aldridge                                  Jacqui Pateman-Jones        

Paul Bailey                            Philip Pincombe

Pauline Down                                   Roy Webber

Kay Elworthy                          

In attendance – Sarah Bonner (Caretaker and Bookings co-ordinator), Elaine Willis (Cleaner).

Apologies - Tracy Ford and Gordon Short

Non Attendance – Betty Cox, Stuart Holton and Martyn Short 

2.    Minutes of previous meetings– 16 July 2018 – proposed for acceptance by Paul Bailey and seconded by Steve Aldridge. Minutes signed as being a true record.

16 August 2018 – proposed by Steve Aldridge and seconded by Paul Bailey. Minutes signed as being a true record.

3.    Matters Arising – Caretaker review – Sarah agreed that she was able to undertake the role within the specification provided. 

Graham Short thanked Sarah and congratulated her on the cleaning standards of the hall on behalf of the committee. Lots of compliments have been received. The key pad is also working well for access to the hall and a key pad is also being fitted to the MUGA.

It was agreed that Sarah will continue the role and the next review will be in October 2019.

Sarah wished to thank Roy and Paul for all their help in the hall.

4.    Investment Policy, Reserves Policy – Drafts had been considered at a meeting held on 17 October 2018, of the Working Party. Final updated policies were provided to all prior to this meeting with a copy of the notes of the meeting. 

Steve was thanked for the preparation of the draft policies.

Comments – Investment Policy 3.4 remove quotes on sentence.

Both final policies were then proposed for acceptance by Jacqui Pateman-Jones and seconded by Steve Aldridge. Graham Short signed the policies on behalf of the Committee.

5.    Bar Licence– Roy Webber updated the meeting of the current position – A full Bar Licence has now been granted for the hall. Shirley Loder, Licensing Case Officer, NDC has emailed Roy accordingly and the licence will be issued in due course.  Paul Daw, from the village, was thanked for all his help with the application. A letter of thanks will be sent to him for his support. The cost of the application was £190 and the cost of the advert in the North Devon Journal was £99.

Roy was thanked for all his work for the Bar Licence application.

6.    Hall Dance– 15 December 2018 planning – cost per person £15 to include a hot meal and dessert; band Monopole booked – all agreed at an earlier planning meeting.



Hot meal choices – lasagne (meat and vegetarian option), chicken in white wine sauce and pork in cider. Desserts – a request for donated desserts to be made.

Louise and Graham Hooper have offered to help – they will be asked if they can go on the door (Pauline to see them to ask).

A raffle will be held on the night; donations for prizes to be requested. (Sarah to publicise request in village).

After discussion it was agreed that a donation will be given to FiG from the proceeds of the raffle (FiG is a local North Devon & Torridge charity – helping children and teenagers who have experienced close family bereavement. Support is offered after referral, by way of phone, family meetings and workshop support to the young people).

Committee members were requested to sell tickets for the dance please.

Tables to be set up at 6.00 pm on Friday 14 December (Hall Committee assistance requested please).

7.    New Year’s Eve planning– A Parish Hall Community Event will be held in the hall, starting at 8.00 pm with food at 9.00 pm – Bring and Share finger food from all attending requested. Paper plates and napkins will be provided (Sarah to source).

Bar will be open. (Roy to organise).

Music(Philip to provide).

Children welcome.

Setting up time - to be advertised to committee later. Assistance requested please.

8.    Review of F & GP sub-committee– membership - to be addressed at the next AGM.

9.    AOB – a) Donation to hall for £54 has been received from Judy Coux and Doreen Fraser Smith – a letter to thanks will be sent to them. 

b) Fundraising – The Christmas Fayre realised £781 for hall funds. The event was very successful. Thanks were expressed to all involved.

c) Bingo – 29 November 2018 – help with refreshments has been requested and is now in place.  

d) Roy Webber requested a meeting to be held early in 2019 further to the Investments Policy being approved, to discuss the future investment of a fund held with Hodge Bank that will shortly mature.

e) Hunt Dance 9 December 2018 – Roy to clear the bar stocks so that the Hunt can use the area on the day. After this a stock-take will be carried out – Steve, Sarah and Pauline agreed to help. Hall funds to pay for stock. Roy to liaise with Steve regarding a date for the stock-take. 

f) Bar – security – Roy advised that bar stock is insured for cover of £1000. He will check with the Insurance Company and confirm if any extra security is required. 


Next meeting – to be planned - February 2019.


Meeting closed at 9.00 pm

Burrington Parish Hall and Recreation Area


Meeting held at 7.30 pm on Monday 6 March 2017 in the Hall


Present –            Graham Short (Chair)                     Tracy Ford

                                Paul Bailey                                          Phillip Pincombe

Sarah Bonner                                     Hazel Pearce

Pauline Down                                    Gordon Short

Kay Elworthy                                      Roy Webber

1.Apologies -     Kenny Elworthy

                                Stuart Holton

                                Kevin Pincombe

                                Gordon Webber

                                Janett Van Den Berg


2.Minutes -        The minutes of the last meeting held on 12 October 2016 were signed as being a true record.


3. Matters arising from the above meeting –

a) Extra front door key – this has been sourced.

b) Wages method update – this is being done on line.

c) Varnishing front doors – PB to arrange within next 2 weeks.

d) Toddlers update – store to be cleared (SB)

e) Basketball posts – one good post remains (SB)

f)  Muga Fencing – Parish Council have been notified, will monitor and repair when necessary  (PB)

g) Full Bar Licence update – to be left as it is at present, pending possible sale of the Burrington pub (RW)

h) Glass washer – installed and very successful.

i) Teapot – new one has been purchased (KE)


4. Treasurer’s Report – Roy Webber provided a copy of the interim accounts to the end of February, to all present, and summarised the details. Roy also answered questions from the meeting –

Muga – 1 hour is paid to the caretaker for dealing with bookings.

Grant – PB confirmed that another £300 grant is due from the District Council once the Committee Room extension is completed. A time extension for the project to be carried out has been requested. Once completed an invoice will be raised for the £300.

Room hire income is similar to last year for the same period.

Caretaker wages – have risen by approximately £183 to date, and compared to the previous year end.

Grant Application  -  VAT on Committee Room extension  - it was noted that it had been previously decided to manage the grant funding for the extension by the Hall Committee rather than through the Parish Council. Gordon Short commented that this would result in the VAT not being able to be claimed back on the project – amounting to approximately £2000.

Investment Accounts – nothing due to mature until August 2017.

It had been agreed previously that some of the reserves may be needed to fund the committee room project so it can be carried out.

Gift Aid update – to be dealt with after end of financial year by RW and KE. Only one claim per year allowed.

Roy was thanked for preparing the accounts and for his verbal summary provided.


5. Caretaker’s Report –the caretaker did not attend the meeting or send a report.

It was noted by a hirer recently that there was a lot of dogs mess around the hall – it was suggested that a CCTV camera may assist to identify culprits. This will be discussed with the Parish Council.

In the meantime the area will be cleaned and sprayed - any volunteers from the committee to help would be appreciated. (Date to be circulated).

It was suggested that a walk around with the caretaker to monitor tasks would be useful. (PB)

It was noted that the caretaker is very responsive to requests made and this was appreciated.



6. Maintenance Report –

a) Asbestos report – PB stated that an asbestos survey will take place on Friday 10 March and a full report will then be available for any prospective contractors to view before any work is carried out. The report will be reviewed annually as is a legal requirement. It will cost £200 and any samples taken will cost £25 per sample for testing.

Hall maintenance schedule – PB advised that the kitchen and bar area are due for painting but it is noted that these areas are satisfactory at present. On-going issues will be carried out.

GS commented that the 5 yearly electrical hard wiring tests had been carried out recently along with PAT testing of all portable electrical appliances. Any future concerns regarding electrical equipment to be reported as soon as noticed.


7. Hall Matters -

a) Website and Broadband – TF confirmed that any requests for updates on the website have been added.  GS asked if all members could check the website and report any findings of changes required.

b) Community email and website – email assistant. PD is to be setup on the system. TF to arrange.

c) Forthcoming events/fundraisers – Bingo 13 April. Posters to be circulated locally.

GS raised the issue of having a big social event in the hall for fund raising.

d) Hire of hall/bookings update (SB) – confirmed that new bookings are coming in. Clubbercise starts on 8 March at 7 pm.

e) Hall share meetings update (PB) - at the last meeting ideas were shared about village hall management. The next meeting is to be held on 3 April, at Shirwell, at 7 pm.

f) User reports and feedback (SB) – concerns had been expressed from some users regarding dogs mess around hall and a hirer recently stated that they had to sweep the hall before they used it.


KE informed the meeting that the YFC tractor rally event organisers were impressed with the kitchen facilities.

Caterers for a recent funeral tea were also impressed with the kitchen facilities and commented that they will use the hall for other events.

It was agreed that SB will get some new promotion cards printed for the hall. (Estimate £20)


8. Grant Application   - PB stated that the new screens for the committee room have a 4 week lead in time.

The roller shutters to the bar and kitchen will be retained as new versions will be very similar. Shutters will have blinds added for acoustic and decorative benefit. PB will obtain samples to view.

Curtains in committee room – it was decided to retain these so they match the main hall when screen is open.  The tracking will be replaced to this window and the curtains re-hung.

The deaf-aid loop will be extended into the committee room.

The ceiling lighting and speakers will be replaced as part of the project and electric sockets will be repositioned and increased in number.

The Parish Council have been sent a letter asking if they would support this project with a grant of £2000. PB reported that the Parish Council currently have an application for funding for a self-winding clock mechanism in the Church – this grant application had been made on behalf of the Parish Council to the Landfill Board. This will be notified by June 2017. If funds are made available from this grant application then the Parish Council may release £2000 funding to the hall.  (Total estimate for project is £17000)


9. Outdoor sports area - no issues.


10. Any other business - SB thanked PD who will provide the agenda and take minutes at future meetings.


11. Next Meeting  - date to be decided.


Meeting closed at 9.25 pm                          



Burrington Parish Hall and Recreation Area

Full Committee meeting

Wednesday 12.10.16



Graham Short – Floor - Chair


Sarah Bonner - Floor


Paul Bailey– Parish Council - Vice Chair


Kevin Pincombe – Parish council


Roy Webber – Floor - Treasurer


Tracy Ford


Martyn Short – Methodist Church


Hazel Pearce


Phil Pincombe – Parish Church


Betty Cox – Womens Link


Kenny Elworthy – Comrades Club


Pauline Down


Janett Van Den Berg – Primary school


Gordon Webber -Floor


Stuart Holton – Twinning Association


Caretaker – Gemma Boyd


Kay Elworthy - Floor


Elaine Willis – Cleaner















APOLOGIES -please see above.



Reading and Signing of minutes from previous meeting 19.4.16

The above were read and signed as a true record.



Matters arising from the above meeting:

a) Changes to licence: Kay Elworthy confirmed the licence had been altered to be in the committees name rather than an individual.

b) Hire charges increase: SB confirmed the rates had been increased following the AGM and circulated to hirers.

C) Communication E-Mail and Social Media Policy

"We aim to provide a committee environment sensitive to the diversity of our members; therefore, please do not use communications including and not restricted to email or social media, in an offensive or disrespectful manner, to any member of the community when addressing Parish Hall issues".

Above policy adopted: Proposed: RW. Sec: KE. All agreed.






Treasurers report

See data attached.

a)       Investment report: A query was raised at last meeting as to whether the hall should be Vat registered. Advice was sought and it was reported that the current arrangement of not being Vat registered is correct.

b)       Roy explained the Edgell grant funds noted on the sheet is designated for the committee room project.

The muga rates were discussed as they hadn’t been included in the annual increase. All agreed to remain as they currently are.

c)       Gift Aid: Roy and Kay had set up the Gift Aid but there are complications that they need individual claims not a group claim from a function.  Roy will clarify with the correct body and report back.













Caretakers report:

The Caretaker had sent in an email as couldn’t be present.

a)       Gemma requested an extra front door key. All agreed. Gemma to get cut.

b)       Gemma has asked if an alternative method of wage pay was available rather than cheque. All agreed for Roy to set up on line banking. Prop: KP, Sec MS. All agreed.

c)       It was raised that please could the front entrance porch be kept free of leaves and debris. Action Gemma and Elaine





Maintenance report:

a)       Car park white lining – PB updated all complete

b)       Painting of front entrance: Jack Earnshaw had kindly painted the hall entrance. Thankyou letter to be written to him. Paul to ask him if he was varnishing doors.





Hall matters:

a) Website and broadband: Wild West Net has been taken over by Air Band – new contract updated – still free to halls.

b) Community email, websites and facebook: Tracy has kindly taken on the hall website and is currently updating it. Pauline has offered to assist with the email system covering Tracy if unavailable.

Noted: Susan is the North Devon Journal representative.

Committee to encourage all to submit information to both Tracy and Susan for inclusion on sites and Journal. Also to share posts from Burrington Hall facebook page.

c) Forthcoming events / fund-raisers: Xmas Fayre: Sat 19th – thanks in advance to all those who help and support. Bingo: 24h Nov: again thanks to all. Particular thanks to Sue Short and Kay Elworthy for all their work to the above events. Nov 5th Big Breakfast for MacMillan and Air Ambulance.

Setting up: Xmas decs: 7pm 8th Nov         Fayre set up: 6pm 18 Nov

d) Hire of hall / bookings: All in order

e) Hall share meetings: At Burrington 24th Oct 7pm start 7.30pm Speaker from DARE.

f) Users reports: none.

g) Committee members: Toddler representative: Currently no rep from toddlers and the group isn’t running. SB had contacted Caroline Wood. All agreed for SB to contact her again and offer help from committee as appropriate.





















Grant applications and expenditure

a) Committee room update: PB reported that the grant application had been unsuccessful to Grantscape, as it was oversubscribed and less established premises were given priority.

Much discussion – concluded: Chair proposed:  PB apply for Awards for All grant and the hall pay the balance to proceed with the project (approx. £5,500) Sec: PP. all agreed.

Thanks again to Paul for his continued work on this project.

b) Glass washer: All agreed to purchase 12 glass dishwasher £1120 + Vat.  Prop: KP. Sec PP.

PC reps to inform Parish council









Outdoor Sports Area:

Roy Webber reported Boards were recently fixed and the goal posts are to be mended. School to be notified that the basketball posts are a hazard.

Fencing around the muga needs replacing. PC reps to raise at next PC meeting






Any other business

a)       PB reported water heater in kitchen has been fixed.

b)       KE requested £20 for new large teapot –all agreed.

c)       Licence: As the Barnstaple Inn has been closed and future uncertain, the pub skittles team is playing at the hall when necessary. Roy is applying for Tens licences to cover it.

Discussion on advantages of licencing the premises fully, possibly a temporary situation whilst pub is shut. Agreed it would be good idea and would give options such as someone running a bar regularly in absence of pub etc.

Prop: GS, Sec KP all agreed.

PB to get advice from Devon Communities Together to see what other halls do.

RW to enquire as to cost of licence in short term till December














The meeting closed at 9.39pm




Burrington Parish Hall & Recreation Area

Full Committee meeting Thursday 3rd March 2016


Paul Bailey – Parish Council – Vice


Present Kevin Pincombe – Parish Council Present

BettyCox-Women’s Link Apology Graham Short – Floor - Chair Present

Martyn Short– Methodist Church Apology Roy Webber – Floor- Treasurer Present

Phil Pincombe – Parish Church Present Gordon Webber - Floor Present

Kenny Elworthy – Comrades Club Present Kay Elworthy - Floor Present

Susan Fraser-Smith – Primary


Apology Sarah Bonner - Floor Present

Stuart Holton – Twinning




Gordon Short - Floor Apology

Tracy Ford – Co-opted Present Elaine Willis - Cleaner Apology

Jack Earnshaw – Floor Present Leanne Jarvis – Co-opted Apology

Gemma Boyd – Caretaker Apology

1. Apologies – see above

2. Reading and signing of minutes from previous meeting 18/11/15

The above were read and signed as a true record.

3. Matters arising from the above meeting

The Chair welcomed Kevin Pincombe as the PC representative, and it was agreed to ask the Toddlers group if

they would like a representative on the committee. SB

Premises licensing update; agreed to amend the license so that all functions can finish at 2am on all days of

the week, also the name of the license to be amended from GS to Burrington Parish Hall Committee. The hall

hire agreement will be amended so that all functions finish at 1am on all days of the week. Cost £100 to make

amendments. SB to apply for form

4. Treasurers Report

See accounts attached,

Jack commented that despite the loss of the Play School income the accounts for the 11 months were

in good order.

a) Gift aid has been applied for, an error was made in the application, as a new charity we can make one

claim in year 1, another claim in year 2 and then can claim as and when, however 2 years were claimed

in one period. HRMC should have sent a letter within 15 days pointing out this error, this was not sent. A

new claim for year 1 needs to be made by 5/4/16, the second claim can be made mid April, total £1,200

approx. to be claimed back.RW & KE to action

b) Toilet Grant – confirmed that the PC has topped the fund up by £450. The grant for 2016 has been

applied for. RW to action

Thanks to Roy and Kay for all their work on the above.

5. Caretakers Report

Children have been reported to be climbing on the MUGA fence after school. Agreed to put up signs advising

against this behaviour. Signs to go on the gate. PB to action.

A spare key for the club end will be made available to help with changeovers.

In the ladies toilet the switching on automatically of the light in the first cubicle is delayed. PB to check and


The new national living wage comes into effect 1st April 2016, £7.20 per hour for workers 25+ RW will

adjust wages as necessary.

Thanks to Paul for polishing the hall floor in the next few days.

6. Maintenance

a) Edge of car park; Letter sent to the PC asking them to fund the repairs, approx. £2482 +vat. PC has given

£1000 towards the repairs with the District Council giving £1282, the hall will not have to contribute any

funds. The work will be carried out in the next few weeks. White lines in the car park may need

renewing; this will be discussed in the next meeting.

b) Risk assessment: a photo has been placed on the trolley to show correct stacking of tables and brake use


c) Carpet in club end being cleaned on 4th March 2016 at a coat of £70, Comrades Club will be sent the bill.

d) Taps in the toilets, one of the taps was left running during a function causing the hot water to run out, all

taps have now been replaced with spring loaded taps to stop this happening again. During the work a sink

was cracked and had to be replaced. The bill for this work £450 +vat will be sent to the PC

e) The front of the hall, entrance, porch area needs a spruce up, a quote was received for £450 +vat to

complete the work (the quote also included painting the windows and the end of the hall) Jack has

offered to buy the necessary paint, (Weathershield Magnolia) etc. and complete the work himself.

The Chair thanked everyone who helps in different ways to maintain and run the hall.

7. Hall matters

a) Website and broadband: no specific issues, still waiting for fibre optic to be installed and working. Jack is in

the process of adding a workable stats counter to the website, he will report back at the next meeting.

b) Community email, websites: Tracy reported that to date there have been 297 visitors to the website with 867

page views. Agreed that it is important to keep the website and email current and for all news and events to

be sent to the email account so they may be uploaded accordingly.

c) Forthcoming events/fund-raisers: Easter Bingo, Thursday 24th March, 8pm. A caller is needed, TF to put a

request on Facebook. The microphone is to be made available for the caller to use. £704 was raised at the

Christmas Bingo, the most successful so far. Many thanks to Kay Elworthy and Sue Short for organising

these events. A Simply Supper is to be organised for Saturday 11th June, Roy will apply for a licence, all other

details as the previous supper. The Parish Council are organising the lighting of the Beacon on Thursday 21st

April to celebrate the Queens 90th birthday.

d) Hire of hall/bookings: all positive with bookings. Jack is unable to see the calendar which shows the

individual events for the hall; Sarah has offered to help him.

e) Hall share meetings: at the last meeting Paul was given information on a new Insurance Co. offering specific

village hall insurance at a much lower price than other companies in the market, approx. £200 saving on this

year’s premium. Roy will look into this when the insurance comes up for renewal. Next meeting 12/4/16,

7pm, West Buckland.

f) Users report, none.

g) Welcomed Kevin Pincombe to the group. No representative from the Toddler group.

8. Grant Application and expenditure

Committee Room Update: a price of £20,000 +vat approx. has been obtained for the work as previously

discussed, soundproofing, sliding doors, suspended ceiling, Roman blinds over the metal shutters, electrics,

new deaf aid loop and pa system speakers in the ceiling, new dimmable lights incorporating emergency

lightning. A surveyor will need to advise on the removal of the possible load bearing wall, leading into the

cloakroom. Once all the figures are in hand a meeting will be called to finalise grant applications.

9. Outdoor Sports Area

PC is seeking advice on the lifting corners of the playing surface.

10. Any other business

The medals of General Sir Harold Taggart from Northcote Manor, who donated the first hut in 1921 for the

Mens club have recently come up in auction. Paul has framed a photo of the General along with the catalogue

entry for the sale; this will be hung on the wall in the Club end.

Jack mentioned that Mick Harding has recently died and that the pub remains closed indefinitely.

11. The meeting closed at 9.24pm.

Burrington Parish Hall and Recreation Area

Full Committee

A Meeting of the Committee following the AGM

Tuesday 19.4.16



Paul Bailey– Parish Council - Vice Chair Present Tracy Ford - Floor Present

Kevin Pincombe – Parish council Present Graham Short – Floor - Chair Present

Betty Cox – Women’s Link Apologies Roy Webber – Floor - Treasurer Present

Martyn Short – Methodist Church Apologies Gordon Webber -Floor Present

Philip Pincombe– Parish Church Present Kay Elworthy - Floor Present

Kenny Elworthy – Comrades Club Present Gordon Short - Floor Present

Janett VanDeBerg - Primary school Apology

Stuart Holton – Twinning Association Present

Robyn Penton – Toddler group Present Gemma Boyd - Caretaker Apology

Sarah Bonner - Floor Present Elaine Willis – cleaner - in attendance Present

Also present: Pauline Down and Hazel Pearce


1 APOLOGIES -please see above.

2 Co-options from the floor if required:

Pauline Down and Hazel Pearce Prop: RW, Sec: SH All in favour

3 Election of officers:

Chair – Graham Short,

Vice Chair – Paul Bailey

Treasurer – Roy Webber

All re-elected en bloc: Prop: KE, Sec: KP All in favour

b)Appointment of secretary

Sarah Bonner Proposed KE Seconded KP

All in favour. Thanks noted from committee for their ongoing work.

c) Election of Finances and General Purposes Committee (F & GP): Chairman, Vice Chairman,

Treasurer as above and Four elected members of committee being Kay Elworthy, Kevin Pincombe,

Tracy Ford, Pauline Down.

Prop: SH Sec: GS All in favour.

Secretary and Caretaker to attend meetings.

4. New members to sign acceptance of the Model Deed -Done

a ) Bank Mandate – doesn’t need updating, signatories to remain

5 Reading and signing of minutes of the previous committee meetings 3.3.16

Signed and accepted as a true record.

6 Matters arising from the above meetings

a) Changes to licence: In hand SB. Converting licence to be in committee name, not an individuals.

b) Paul reported the signs have been put on MUGA gates.


7 Annual reviews:

a) Hire charges increased by 3% Proposed PB seconded RW. Effective 1.5.16

b) Cleaner / caretaker contracts – reviewed in October. All in order. Roy reported they will be in

accordance with new living wage.

c) Policies – Current policies all up to date.

ci) Content of email to committee members: Chair read two emails previously sent from one

committee member to two others, between meetings, which were offensive to the receivers.

Agreed to include a policy on meeting etiquette & social media to be drawn up by the

F&GP. To be ratified at next meeting.


F & GP

8 Treasurer’s report

a) Investment report – Roy reported the investment had been rolled over, although at lower

interest rate with Julian Hodge. It was agreed to invest a further £6000 of the £10,185 in the


Stuart raised the query that Charities may be able to claim Vat back, which would mean not



having to do it through the Parish Council. To be checked.

b) Gift Aid - Roy and Kay have in hand

c) Annual budget – see attached. Prop: GW, Sec: GS

9 Caretakers/Contractors

a). Caretakers report: no issues

b) Toilet Caretakers report: No issues

Thanks to both for keeping the hall in good order.

10 Maintenance report

a) Car Park white lining following works carried out by PC and DC: money in place: waiting for

contractors date to start work.

b) Update of painting the entrance: Jack waiting for finer weather. To check if he is still covered by

insurance as no longer on the committee.


11 Hall matters

a) Website & Broadband - sign needed in hall noting broadband password for hirers. Jack is

happy to continue the website. Write to WildWest to ask for correspondence to be sent to


b) Community email /website – Working well. Susan is still happy to continue to oversee the

community email. Thank you Susan.

c) Forthcoming fund-raising / events: Simple supper 11th June to celebrate Queens 90th

birthday. Easter Bingo raised £520.05 – thanks to Sue and Kay

d) Hire of hall / bookings. All working well.

e) Next Hall share meeting: 5th July Instow and October (Date TBA) at Burrington to see

heating system. Paul reported that the committee has a duty of care to ensure that any child

related group run in the hall is supervised by an appropriate adult. We currently have a

policy to cover this. To monitor.

Hallmark update: inspections due soon.

f) User reports and feedback – none.

g) User group’s representative’s feedback: School: Noted that the school intend to hopefully

open a preschool in September.



12 Grant applications and expenditure

a) Committee room: Paul updated on the improvements. Proposed cost of: £17000 including

Vat. Possible cost of £2000 to hall, funding from Devon Waste Management and Awards 4

All. Would start mid September if successful.

b) Proposed that committee allow Paul to move forward with the project:

Prop: SH, Sec: GS. All agreed. Thanks to Paul for his ongoing work on the project.


13 Outdoor sports area

a) Update on the lifting of the lines PC have investigated and were told no action needed at present

14 Any other business:

Request for glass washer for bar or just inside kitchen.

Agreed for F & GP to source up to value of £1000 Prop: GW, sec: SH All agreed.

15 Meeting was closed at 9.45pm