Burrington Parish Hall 

Thank you for hiring the hall.


Here are some details we hope you will find helpful:


  1. 'How to use' equipment details are on top of the microwave, explaining how to use the dishwasher, cookers etc.


  1. If doing large amounts of washing up, turn on the Hot Water boost as soon as possible. (Switch situated over the cooker on right as you enter Kitchen)


  1. The Cleaning cupboard is in the entrance hall, containing brush, dustpan, mop etc. 


  1. More rubbish bags under the sink. Please put full rubbish bags in the bins located outside the bar area. Please recycle where possible. 


  1. Please use chair trolleys when using chairs.


  1. Heating: Individual controls are placed in each room with instructions on the wall.


  1. Do not block emergency exits.


  1. Electric: In the event of a problem with electricity please contact one of the following 01769 520279 /413/426


  1. Wifi code: WildWestNet


Before you leave: 

  1. Please put dirty table cloths and tea towels on the draining board for the caretaker. 


  1. Please turn off all heating and lights.


  1. Please check you have turned off and closed down all equipment as necessary -see equipment details. 


  1. Please close all windows.


  1. Please lock doors and return the key to the black box in porch.


Please leave the rooms you have used in a reasonable state and as you would like to find them.


Postcode: EX37 9LA

Bookings: 01769 520601

Nearest public telephone is in the village square.

Please speak to the Bookings secretary prior to hire if you require: Hearing Aid Loop, Disabled toilets, Stage lighting, PA system.


Please call: 07837 731021 if you have any issues or need any help whilst using the hall.