Burrington Bethesda Graveyard Trust

A new Trust has been formed to take over the running of the former Methodist graveyard and

surrounding area. The new Trust will maintain and run the existing graveyard. This area is

open to anyone who wishes to be either buried or have their ashes interned.

Part of the area is leased to the Parish Council, who use it as a car park and a Multi Use

Games Area.


Charges and Conditions:


Full Burial with Grave or Burial of ashes only with a Headstone in line with existing, in the main Graveyard is £250 per person.

Cremation plot per person £100 including site for Remembrance Plaque. Slightly raised in area to be allocated. 

Ashes can be interned at the foot of an existing grave at the cost of a Cremation Burial £100. Any inscription to be added to the existing Headstone. 



All Graves and Plots to be leveled within one year of burial, any personnel items will be removed after six months. 

Cremation, area for Ashes to be allocated by committee and shown on the graveyard map. 

Other conditions to be added by committee as appropriate



Mr John Short (Chairman) 01769 520431 jandjdevon@hotmail.com

Mr Martyn Short (Graveyard) Manager 01769 520255 Martyn.short@outlook.com

Mr Paul Bailey (Treasurer) 01769 520413 pands76@btinternet.com

Mr Graham Short (Secretary) Graham.short@pickards.co.uk